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angel food cakes

angel food cakes
this kitchen is seasoned with love

Monday, May 31, 2010

frothy milk and creme

i realize how important it is to drink milk, but i have never been a very big fan. often, i use 1/2 cup on my morning cheerios or granola, but to just pour a glass for drinking is more difficult for me.

since i have studied the benefits of the dash diet, i know the importance of having milk in my daily routine. so, i needed to find a way to work skim milk into my healthy eating regime.

this keurig milk or creme frother is just wonderful. i can use 1/2 cup of milk, and within minutes i have a foamy froth for cafe latte or just to eat with a spoon. somehow the dense full liquid taste of milk transforms into a froth of light and delicious foam. this has changed my idea of milk drinking and shall quickly become a routine for my improved health. just wonderful!

garden blooms

with great anticipation, every gardener waits for their flowering plants to bloom. there is something magical about having a green plant turn into a colorful bouquet overnight.

it often seems that in a matter of hours my plants go from boring to stunning. and, over the past few days, more of my garden is blooming.

today, i have pink yarrow, goat's beard, phlox, globemaster allium, chives, thyme, and even my lamb's ears have sported their latest growth spurt.

it is just wonderful.

french potato salad

as a side dish for my memorial day barbecue cookout, i decided to try martha's everyday food french potato salad recipe.
i cooked the fingerling potatoes earlier in the morning and chilled them in the fridge. fresh thyme and italian parsley from my garden was snipped and prepped for the mixture.
after slicing the potatoes, green onion, and celery, i used my mesaluna to chop the herbs. the dressing is the key to this recipe, and i did adapt it to fit the ingredients in my pantry.
a bit less than 1/4 cup of olive oil, 3 tbsp of grey poupon dijon mustard, 2 tbsp of red wine, chopped parsley and thyme. martha says to use sherry vinegar and shallots instead of the wine and green onion.
the salad dressing is amazing and is a wonderful change from the mayonnaise based dressings. it provides a nice taste and a light coating to the potatoes. this recipe will be added to my favorite sides and salads notebook.
too bad our outdoor dinner was rained out. it is storming.