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angel food cakes

angel food cakes
this kitchen is seasoned with love

Thursday, July 15, 2010

roasted yellow pepper penne

for another vegetarian pasta night, i chose to use yellow peppers and grape tomatoes, mixed with yellow onion in a deep saute skillet.  after browning all three, i added one can of petite diced tomatoes and continued to allow the mixture to simmer. i added some fresh ground pepper, and mixed it through the vegetables.  after the penne boiled for eleven minutes in another pan, i added the pasta to the vegetable saute and cooked for another few minutes to heat through.  to finish off the dish, i added fresh basil and parsley from my patio herb garden.  this was a great meal.


after watching my daises growing and blooming for the past week, i decided that today was the day to make a daisy bouquet for the sun room.  these daises love the sunshine and have done very well in this garden spot near my deck.  i plan to divide them in the fall and move some to the perimeter of my fenced garden.

cold brewed tea

for years we have been making sun tea, but i found a new product on one of my trips up north in michigan called twinings cold brewed iced tea.  i really didn't believe that it would work, but within five minutes, i had fresh brewed tea that i served over ice. i simply added the tea bags into cold water and watched the tea brew right on my kitchen counter.

twinings suggested using 4 tea bags per quart pitcher, however; i only used 2 per quart carafe, and that was plenty for me.  i may even just use one tea bag the next time, as i prefer lightly brewed tea to decrease the caffeine intake.

so easy and so refreshing!

patio lettuce garden

this year, i decided to practice growing some vegetables and herbs on my deck.  this was my first attempt, and wanted to keep them away from the bunnies that seem to roam in my yard every evening at dusk and dawn. so far, this method has worked and i have been able to harvest basil, parsley and now mesculin lettuce.  my deck is very sunny. as long as i water these clay pots every day that it doesn't rain, i think i am going to have enough for a salad.  i have been shopping around for elevated deck gardens in the catalogs, so i am planning a larger vegetable garden for next summer. the third pot has gourmet cat grass that my coco loves so very much.  since she is an indoor cat, she really is enjoying the fresh taste of these greens.  this is the second clay pot of greens i have grown for her this summer.